Changes for boys

male-pubertyChanges for boys during puberty:

  • Your penis and testicles will start to get bigger
  • Pubic hair will develop
  • Your body grows and may become more muscular
  • Your voice will get deeper
  • You will grow taller
  • You may have unexpected erections
  • You may start having wet dreams
  • More hair will grow on your arms and legs
  • You will start to grow facial hair
  • You may feel more sensitive or angry(mood swings) and this is completely normal
  • You may start to get spots
  • You will start to sweat more

Wet dreams..

are when you release some semen whilst you sleep- some semen comes out of your penis. It is perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Involuntary Erections..

During puberty a penis can have a mind of it’s own. Erections can happen anywhere – on the bus, in assembly, while watching TV. Everytime you get an erection it doesn’t mean you will release semen.

Is my penis normal?

Unless your penis hurts or feels uncomfortable, it’s pretty safe to say it’s normal. At some point in puberty, penises start to get bigger. this happens at different ages for different people, but it happens to everyone.

A lot of young men worry about the size of their penis, a penis carries on growing until you are about 21. There is no such thing as a “normal” penis.

 Everybody has a slightly different size and shape penis. The size of your penis depends on your genes, just like the size of your hands, feet, and eye color.

Keep in mind, penis size has nothing to do with ‘manliness’ or sexual ability.

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Growing up can be difficult as well as exciting too, if you’re really worried about any of these things try talking to an adult to someone you can trust.

If there’s something you feel you can’t talk about to anyone you know you can call Childine who are free and confidential on 0800 1111