Changes for girls

Girls are born with about 250,000 eggs in each of their two ovaries.

Each month an egg is released. This is called ovulation and it happens about 14 days before a period is due. The egg travels along the fallopian tubes and into the womb (where a baby would grow) If the egg is not fertilised by a sperm, the lining of your womb, and the egg, mixed with some blood come out of your body through your vagina. This is a period. You may also hear it called a ‘Menstrual Cycle‘.



  • Breasts start to develop
  • You will start having periods
  • Hips may get wider
  • Bodily/underarm hair
  • Pubic hair
  • Spots
  • Greasier hair
  • You may feel moodier or more emotional
  • Your reproductive organs develop


It’s for you to decide whether you prefer to use towels or tampons during your period.

Period blood is often thick and reddish brown and may have small lumps in it. It only smells when it comes into contact with the air. It is healthy to change your towel or tampon every few hours.

Your vagina is naturally self cleansing so you don’t need to use perfumed pads or special sprays (these can cause irritation)

Growing up can be difficult as well as exciting too, if you’re really worried about any of these things try talking to an adult to someone you can trust.

If there’s something you feel you can’t talk about to anyone you know you can call Childine who are free and confidential on 0800 1111