Clinical Services

You can contact our Outreach Service-clinical/ non-clinical on: 0161 701 1555

Our specialised Outreach nurses can be referred to by any professional in Manchester. The allocated Outreach nurse will then arrange to visit the young person to discuss their individual needs. This visit can take place wherever they feel comfortable, including non-NHS premises e.g. at home, supported accommodation or alternative education projects.

During the initial or future visits, the nurses can provide:

  • Careful counselling to decide upon the best method of contraception. Time and support is given to encourage uptake and in most cases, contraception can be started immediately (i.e. Contraceptive Pill/Injection)
  • Fitting of Implants in clinical settings
  • Appointments for long-term methods (Implant/IUD etc) can be fast tracked
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Referral for termination services
  • Testing for all sexually transmitted infections
  • Treatment for uncomplicated sexually transmitted infections
  • Home visits may be made outside of ‘normal’ working hours where possible