Contraception and Sexual Health Outreach Services

The Sexual Health Outreach Team offers a citywide service providing a wide range of clinical and non-clinical services for any young person under 25 years of age. The Outreach team are part of the Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV service based at the Hathersage centre which is part of the MRI.

Non-Clinical Education Services

Our experienced Educational Outreach workers provide information, informal education and training around contraception and sexual health for young people and professionals working with young people. The team has a specific remit around young people who are seldom heard, and young people who are identified as vulnerable. For example, young people at risk of social exclusion or not in mainstream education or employment.

The Educational Outreach Team can offer informal educational sessions to identified young people, which may be in group sessions or on a 1:1 basis. All our sessions aim to be positive, inclusive to all and empowering. The delivery of RSE in informal settings allows opportunity for honest and open discussions and questions ensuring key messages are delivered using a variety of resources and teaching methods.

Our bespoke sessions are socio –cultural, relevant, recognising the many possible challenges and pressures in today’s society that young people may face and these are addressed through our many themes such as sexting/online safety/pornography, consent and healthy relationships.

The Educational Outreach Service is also able to offer:

  • Opportunistic testing for Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea
  • DBS testing for HIV/Syphilis/Hep B and C
  • Condoms
  • Workshops for professionals/practitioners
  • Attendance at events such as Fresher’s Fairs/welcome events
  • Interactive information stands

Research shows that excellent RSE supports the wellbeing of and helps to safeguard children and young people, supporting them to develop the skills and confidence to make positive informed choices and take responsibility for their sexual health and wellbeing.


From young people:

  • “I really enjoyed the session, it was fun and not embarrassing and gave us the chance to talk about issues that we wouldn’t normally get the chance too”
  • “I found the session really helpful and learnt lots of new information. Thank-you”
  • “I had a really good time in the group work and it was very informative”
  • “Delivered in a good, relaxed way”
  • “Informative and interactive, better than it was at school”

From Professionals:

  • “The sessions were delivered extremely well and confidently, and they were perfect for our students who can be very challenging, and don’t usually engage very well. They really enjoyed it.”
  • “Thank you for providing such valuable information to our young people.”
  • “Thanks once again for visiting our project to deliver a sexual health workshop, given our location and statistical information your input was valuable.”