Our Confidentiality policy means that:

  • You will not be contacted at home unless you agree
  • Your GP (Family Doctor) will not be informed without your permission
  • We keep information about you so that you can receive proper care and treatment but only those involved in your care will have access to your details
  • No matter what your age, information about you will only be shared with other agencies, including your parents/carers, if you or others are at risk of significant harm. Wherever possible this will always be done with your knowledge
  • You can attend any of our clinics on your own or with a friend
  • You can ask the clinic staff if you have any questions or worries

To help with your confidentiality we have included on this site a Hide Page Button – what is this?

If you are worried that someone may see the website that you are looking at, you can click on the Quickly Hide Page Button and it will take you to the Google website straightaway.

If you wish to go back to the FRESH website just click on the back button.