UPCOMING – National HIV Testing Week – Monday 7th February 2022

Monday 7th February marks the beginning of National HIV Testing Week, with a focus on HIV prevention and diagnosis.

During this week, like every other week, we at Northern Sexual Health want to encourage people of ALL ages to attend clinic or self-test for regular HIV blood tests with an aim to reduce the number of people living with undiagnosed HIV and also the number of late diagnoses.

To book into our clinics to be tested, visit www.thenorthernsexualhealth.co.uk and register for a ‘Personal Health Record’ through which you can book telephone or face-to-face appointments for screenings, check results or order yourself an at-home STI kit which will also test for HIV.

If you are UNDER 16 a home test kit will not be posted to you – we would like for you to attend clinic, where we can provide you will a full screening. Please call your nearest clinic to arrange this.

For any information on how to book an appointment or for HIV testing, feel free to call any of our main clinics for advice:


(Please note, none of our clinics are currently open for walk-ins – please do not attend unless asked to do so by a member of staff.)


  • The Orange Rooms (Ashton): 0161 342 7101
  • The Hathersage Centre (City Centre): 0161 701 1555
  • Central Youth (Stockport): 0161 549 6111
  • Urmston (Trafford): 0161749 1160
  • Forum Health (Wythenshawe): 0161 435 3509
  • Withington Community Hospital: 0161 217 4939
  • North Manchester (NM General Hospital): 0161 918 4263