Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 22nd-28th January 2018

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 22nd-28th January

The main theme for the Cervical Prevention Week 2018 is to “Reduce Your Risk”.A�

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women in under 35, with evidence showing that Smear tests prevent 75% of cervical cancers developing.A�Yet national screening rates are at a 20 year low with oneA�in fourA�women not attending their smear test when invited.A�Image result for prevention cervical screening

Prevention.A�Cervical cancer can be prevented. With your help we can ensure every woman knows how they can reduce their risk of the disease and the steps they can take to look after their health.

This means:

1) Attending cervical screening when invited with your G.P.

2) Knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer and seeking medical advice if experiencing any.

3) Taking up the HPV vaccination if aged 11-18.

4) Talking to friends and family to ensure they know how they can reduce their risk.

5) Knowing where to find support and further information.

Did you know…

Image result for prevention cervical screening

That’s why its so important to attend your cervical screening when you are invited by your G.P. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

Awareness Day

The Gynecology Macmillan team will be raising awareness of HPV, smear tests and signs of cervical cancer on Friday 26th January at the Wythenshawe Hospital.A�A�

Need a smear test?

All cervical screening should be carried out at your registered GP’s. Please call them for further advice and information. Unfortunately our clinics do not currently offer this service but we do strongly encourage that you attend these screenings.

Lets ALL work together to A�prevent cervical cancer and put a stop to it.A�