Eating Disorders Awareness Week 22nd-26th February

Eating Disorders Awareness Week runs from 22nd-26th February 2016 to help understand some of these issues, and challenge the many misunderstandings that exist around body image and eating disorders in our communities.A�A�



Boys, girls, men and women from all backgrounds and ethnic groups can be affected by eating disorders.

Eating disorders are mental illnesses and can be a way of coping with feelings or situations that are making you unhappy, angry, depressed, anxious or worried.

Eating disorders are complex; therea��s no single cause and not all symptoms will apply to all people. You may feel that you have a mixture of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder or even alternate between them. Some people also find they are affected by other mental health issues, an urge to harm themselves or abuse alcohol or drugs.

Even if you don’t have these symptoms if you are worried and upset by something, anything, it is important you find someone to talk to. Don’t bottle it up.

Sometimes people worry about talking to someone because they feel their eating disorder isna��t serious enough, they dona��t want to worry people or waste their time, or because they feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed. Whether your eating difficulties began recently, youa��ve been struggling for a while or youa��re finding yourself relapsing, you deserve support and with this support you can overcome your eating disorder. Eating disorders are illnesses and you deserve to have your concerns acknowledged respectfully, to be taken seriously and to be supported in the same way as if you were affected by any other illness.

For more information on eating disorders, visit BeatA�by clicking on this link


You can also call Childline on 0800 1111 for freeA�and confidential advice or speak to a trusted adult about how you are feeling.



B-eat’sA�Adult Helpline and Youthline are now open 1pm to 4pmA�Monday to Wednesday.

Beat provides helplines for adults and young people offering support and information about eating disorders and difficulties with food, weight and shape. We also have an email service and an online one to one service.A�

Adult Helpline: 0345 634 1414 or emailA�

The Beat Adult Helpline is open to anyone over 18.

Youthline: 0345 634 7650 or email

The Beat Youthline is open to anyone under 25. Parents, teachers or any concerned adults should call the adult helpline.

Opening times for Adult Helpline and Youthline

Monday to Wednesday, 1pm to 4pm.