Sexual Health Week 2015- Sexual Pleasure and Well-being


Sexual Health week is on the 14th-20th September 2015 this year.

This year the Family Planning Association (FPA)’s campaign for Sexual Health week will beA�focusing on Sexual Pleasure and Well-being.

Feeling good is a primary part of the human sexual experience.A�

FPA believes:

1. All people are sexual beings

2. Sexual health isA�importantA�to individuals, relationships and societalA�well being

3. Sexual behaviourA�should never result inA�exploitation, oppression, physical, emotional orA�psychologicalA�harm

4. Everyone should have access to accurate, high quality sexual healthA�information, education and services

5. Everyone should be able toA�exerciseA�his or her reproductive rights

6. All sexualities should be respected and accepted

7. Everyone should have the ability and responsibility to manageA�theirA�own sexual health

8. Self esteem, confidence and communicationA�skillsA�are very importantA�to healthy relationships

Sexual pleasure is a big part of most peoples relationships. However, sex is different for everyone. Different people like different things and how people feel about sex and the choices they make can be affected by how they feel about themselves/ other people/ the world around them.

What we’re taughtA�and the information we get can play a big part in helping people to take care of their sexual well-being and enjoy their sexuality. For example, If people understand about Sexually Transmitted Infections and how best to protect themselves and avoid unplanned pregnancies they can make good, informed choices that are best for them.

Using a suitable method of contraception (see here for one that’s best for you) can help people feel more confident and can make sex more enjoyable.

Misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about sex can also have an impact on peoples sexual pleasure and their relationships. This can be from how they show sex in the media, in films, magazines A�and TV which can lead young people to wonder if they are ‘normal’ or have unrealistic views on relationships.

Read lots more about pleasure, consent and honest answers to lots of young people’s questions here at BISHA�