World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th 2015

In 2015, the international theme of World Suicide Prevention Day is Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives.a�� This is byA�It is speaking up to reduce the stigmaA�around talking about suicide preventionA�safely.A�

Nearly everyone has times when they feel very down and can’t see a way out, but for a few these feelings are so deep and intense they may lead to attempts to end their life. A very depressed person can feel so intensely negative about life they cannot see the point in carrying on.

Due to the number of changes they are going through, both hormonally and in life, young people can be particularly vulnerable to feeling suicidal.

They can feel very scared of the future, anxious about career and academic pressures, overwhelmed by worries about personal relationships and sexuality, and can feel pressurised by peers into risky behaviour, including or drug and alcohol abuse.

Young people who lack support and the practical experience to solve problems can sometimes feel no-one will be able help them and that killing themselves is the best way out.

When people feel hopeless and cana��t see any way to make things better, they sometimes feel like they wish their life would end – but things can get better if you get support. YourA�Mental health is just as important as physical health and mental health problems can happen to anybody. If ita��s something youa��re experiencing, one of the first things to do is talk to someone you can trust about how youa��re feeling.

If you are feeling suicidal and you need to speak to somebody straight away, please dial 999 or call ChildLine free on 0800 1111

You can also read Childlines support pageA�here,A�on coping with feelings like this.A�ChildLine is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ChildLine counsellors receive lots of calls from young people in the same situation, and they are trained to help.

Even if you cana��t imagine a way out now, the way you are thinking and feeling about things will change. No matter how bad things have become, these thoughts wona��t last forever and you will eventually start to see things differently. Having support and talking about your feelings can help massively. Remember you are not alone.

Looking after yourself (self care) and talking with someone else about your feelings can also be very useful, have a look at Young Minds page on looking after your emotional wellbeing and making positive steps.